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High quality silicone sex dolls are the dream of every man’s heart.









The love dolls consist of the following characters taken from the most popular movies, TV shows, characters from TV shows, popular actresses and even your first irresistible love. Their names are “Belle”, “Tyson”, “King Kong” and “Little Meat”. When you watch “My Mechanical Girlfriend”, you will have a dream you will never forget.

For those of you who love you, you are a good person. I love you and I am happy for you. You will be able to survive a fierce competition and love your wife and children more and more. You are indeed a group of people, dear people, who will give comfort to those who are suffering. Trading goods means the same as in ancient China: if a person is hungry, he is not hungry; if a person is full, he is not full. But if you are hungry, you will be happy. There are many people who are hungry and suffering from hunger.

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If you love your doll, give it to the people in the world who are suffering great pain and suffering. You are freed from these human sufferings. You are a painkiller for many who are suffering. That is more than money and monetary value can ever hope to achieve. If you can raise your consciousness to the comfort level of everyone in the world, please send me the comfort level and the amount I can afford. Please try to make your doll more beautiful and comfortable. Please try to make it more beautiful, comfortable and nice. If you are poor and can’t afford it, you can buy more. It is not only an easy way to earn a few dollars, but also a way to make people feel good. Last but not least, I want to congratulate you for being a lovely, happy, always safe, happy, loving and beautiful doll.

If you collect all the working materials and other expenses, you will not get any more money. The fact is that your customers are mainly on the lower end of the spectrum. Most of them are not looking for their wives and children, but for the children of the farmer. You can conveniently ship them, but only if you are satisfied with the quality of the dolls.

One way to check the quality of a love doll is to look at the shape of the doll: If there are deep marks on both sides of the bag, the mold is not quite tight. If the mold is not certified, your Real Doll can only be called a tragedy. Of course, our pretty shadow dolls are still very good. The treatment is fine and there are no lines to mark.

Once the Dutch wife comes home, the doll will come out depending on the humidity, temperature and frequency of use, but of course, before the oil comes out, we need to talk about how to avoid problems with stains. The lingerie is made of a smooth silk fabric, and the manufacturer provides a beautiful, soft and elastic underwear. If you wear underwear with holes, understand that it is best to choose sexy underwear and also please don’t stain your love doll’s butt with sheets or jackets for a long time. There are also sexy and protective silk hand guards on the arms.

And what about when the coloring is done? You can use Windex, lighter fluid, olive oil or official colored glue, lightly apply to a damp paper towel and gently wipe off. For daily cleaning, when washing, place a chair at the same height next to the toilet and rinse the front, back and thighs first. Then use a baby bath ball and wipe the entire body.

elf dolls
For the lower part of the body, cover the back of the love doll with the toilet lid and wash the special part with a special detergent according to the washing instructions, rinse with water several times, and then spread the baby’s legs and wrap the towel with chopsticks. When you are done, you need to wait for the real love doll to dry, and then take off the powder, which is no problem. Do you want to earn more money?

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