luxury love dolls and real people in Japan

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The first sex dolls date back to the 17th.









Century and were known as “Dutch women”. Since Dutch merchants were often at sea and their wives usually stayed at home, they made do with a tubular cushion woven from bamboo and rattan when needed, which became known as the “Dutch woman”.

In 1956, a Japanese Antarctic expedition set foot in Antarctica for the first time. To reassure the Antarctic expedition in Antarctica, the Japanese Ministry of Education commissioned a team of scientists and psychologists to develop the “Dutch Wife,” code-named “Antarctic One.” The team worked for two years on three prototype human love dolls, but abandoned them because they were too ineffective. After that, the government dropped the matter and turned the planned “Antarctica II” over to a private company for development. Once the order was placed in the private sector, such dolls were everywhere.

Japan, the cradle of sex toys, also produces love dolls that set standards in the industry, especially the realistically shaped silicone love dolls that sell for 20-30,000. In China, the consumption level of TPE sex dolls is generally within 10,000 yuan, with dolls made of TPE material being preferred by more women as they are cheaper and feel softer.”

female sex doll
With the development of sex dolls in Japan, the demand for realistic silicone dolls is also growing. Compared to TPE, silicone is less “oily”, feels fresher and is closer to skin texture. At the same time, the hardness of silicone is also higher, coupled with an alloy skeleton that mimics the structure of the human skeleton, the weight of the doll is basically sixty to seventy pounds. Since the joints of the doll’s limbs can only be twisted from certain movements, they cannot move independently and cooperate with each other like real humans, so using them is considered a feat of strength. In the comments, some buyers said, “After playing for a few years, you can think about lifting weights! “, “Not enough arm strength, or train first”.

Dolls are not just tools either. If you want to live longer, you need to take good care of them: timely cleaning and applying talcum powder are essential. When the doll is not in use, the limbs must be restored to their original shape to avoid cracking. Some people keep their dolls in a box, while others dress them at home.

For many waifs, lifelike sex dolls are not only emotional companions, but also satisfy physical needs.

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