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The best thing about Frankie Love Doll is that she will never say “no” to you. A really charming partner is definitely better than a demanding chick. Frankie’s mouth depth is 11 cm, which is really amazing and appropriate for most men. The inside of her mouth and her skin are very soft, and when I tried to catch her mouth as fast as possible, the advanced love doll did not harm my genitals. It was an incredible blowjob experience. If you like facials, you will love Frankie. Her cum covered her face and looked great.















Whether you’re fucking her or blowing her, you can always see her move. The investment in Frankie was worth it for me. She is the union of human perfection and angelic blessings. I can’t express how good silicone – love dolls are. But of course she is the one with whom I like to spend my free time and do my best to accompany her.

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