Lonely People Want Sex Partners

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For many years, it has been legal to purchase, own and use dolls based on privacy requirements. They can be purchased in sex shops or even ordered from Amazon. But who can stop evolution?

A man imported a one-meter-high love doll, called a child, which recently triggered an incident in the UK. He said he was a lonely person and only wanted a partner.

The craze for realistic MINI SEX DOLL has aroused people’s attention. There is very weak evidence that MINI SEX DOLLs existed in the Mughal era.

The Dutch used to be the masters of the sea, and their sailors may have to leave the sea for several months at a time. In order to make the sailors happy and help them ejaculate, the captain gave a real doll named Dutch wife to the sailors.

The Japanese noticed this development, and soon became a user and maker of Earth’s wife. I remember watching a Japanese movie in the 1960s in which the protagonist made a living from a customized Dutch wife.

Is it a pervert? Some people believe that providing pedophiles with mini MINI SEX DOLLs is a safe way to prevent them from harming real children, and that such fantasies encourage criminal activity. Some people hold this view.

Psychologists compared it with the use of methadone to treat drug addicts.

Another development is to provide love dolls to customers through a special brothel, where people can rent a love doll and spend time with it. They are located in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Spain.

The strange thing is that the French are very slow in choosing this. Until recently, Ruskei thought he would fill this gap. He opened a company where bettors can book courses online, pay about 100 euros and get a secret address.

Here, his silicone MINI SEX DOLL will stay for an hour. Some feminists and their allies are currently countering this, and the Security Council will discuss and legislate.  https://www.hiasu.com/lonely-people-want-sex-partners/

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