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Reasons why you should love silicone sex doll.













The whole process of getting a girlfriend is better than opening the package of a real love doll, 10 reasons why they are beautiful, cute and attractive. Getting a girlfriend is even better than buying a Realdoll.

1, Very cost effective. Finding a girlfriend is a diluted investment, and the uncertainty, repetition and sustainability of the amount invested is likely to be more expensive than buying a love doll.

2, Very obedient. A girlfriend can’t move, can be messy, uncomfortable and depressing all day long, but not so with a love doll.

Can meet your physical needs at any time. Girlfriends are often in trouble, and there are always unpleasant days in the month that make men despair and then lose contact.
Loyalty. After spending time with your girlfriend, the two of you no longer have passion, and your girlfriend can easily cheat on you. The second real doll will not be like that, she will be your person as always.
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5, Men need to be responsible for their girlfriend’s pregnancy, buy a love doll and you will have no surprises.

6, Most men are afraid of marriage and enjoy their love life, but are afraid to take the burden of family, they can enjoy life without getting married and not buy a physical love doll.

7, girlfriend is getting old with the loss of time, physical love dolls can keep a young appearance for a long time.

if you buy a real love doll, you don’t have to worry about not coming back at night; if you don’t come back at night, your girlfriend will find out and ask you out for a long time.
if there is a conflict or quarrel between the two sides, the sex doll will not return your mouth or fight back, but your girlfriend will scold you or even hit you hard.
the consequences of breaking up with the girlfriend are very serious, and the physical TPE love doll can be replaced with a new one at any time.

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