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American photographer Hoyn met Blanche in an online forum. Dirk is wary of the media and photographers for fear of being biased due to anomalies or bias. But perhaps the desire to share conquered the hesitation and soon he was talking to Hoyn about his marriage to Blanche. Don’t shoot your face off, use a pseudonym. After the agreement was reached, Hoyn began recording the couple’s day. Dirk and Blanche rested in bed. They take a nap every day.After bringing Jenny home, Dirk hosted a wedding with Blanche himself, accompanied by the slow melody of Neil Young’s SuchAWoman. After the marriage, Dirk gradually left the disappointment behind. He chats with Blanche and takes care of Jenny. He always thought that this Jenny could feel that this love goes both ways, and one day she would talk to him. Since Blanche’s silicone skin is very fragile, Dirk will massage her and use professional talk every Sunday after bathing.





There is an employee whose everyday life is spent with sex dolls. According to him, this love doll is not only a toy, but also a love companion. Every day he will dress up the sex dolls, choose clothes for the doll and learn makeup for the doll so that the doll appears in front of his own eyes and the appearance is very beautiful. This real dolls is a part of his life that is not missing. When the weather is nice, he even takes a walk with his love doll to see the scenery. In the evening he will share the bed with the doll.

Real life silicone sex doll

In the eyes of many people, this behavior is very strange, but in the eyes of men, sex doll not only brings joy to people’s mood, but also brings more companionship and control for themselves. People opt for physical dolls, most of which are designed to fulfill their desires. In the eyes of men, physical silicone dolls can not only be used, but also for companionship. He will take photos with a physical doll and introduce his love doll to a friend.This man has a formal job and goes to work every day. He will greet the doll before he goes to work and say that he is going to work. After work, he will also talk to the doll and tell the doll that he is from work. . The man said that he would not go to the real girlfriend, because in his opinion, the body doll is his girlfriend, it is very quiet and can listen well to loud, which brings good enjoyment to the man, you can see that dolls can also give people feelings they want, and they can enjoy the sweetness of love.

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