Life is born alone, lovers, friends and family will eventually go, but pass away sex doll will not die

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While searching the web for images of silicone dolls, a series of photographs by June Korea, a traveling Korean artist, jumped out at me. In this group of works titled “Eva”, pass away anime sex doll is his fantasy girlfriend, they eat together, sleep, play outdoors and are no different from a real couple. Foreign media are curious about pass away creation of the artist with “sex dolls”, but the photos have no erotic meaning, but rather a sense of indescribable loneliness. The video interview with June Korea took place one afternoon after he returned to Korea from the U.S. as a teacher. The fantasy girlfriends in his photos were also dismantled and packed into several courier boxes to be sent back to his hometown.

sex real doll
The following is his autobiography.
I have been photographing dolls since 2002. The reason I became interested in them was because I felt lonely.
I don’t lack social interaction. But I feel lonely when I wake up alone every day, when I go home alone after parties and work, or when I stand in a crowd. As a kid, I naively thought that my family and friends would never leave me and that pass away good memories would never go away, and then I realized that I lost them over time anyway. Going through this over and over again doesn’t make me feel any better.
While studying art in New york city, I broke up with my then girlfriend when I had the idea to give the silicone doll an identity and use her as a fantasy friend for a photo shoot. People go away, but silicone sex dolls don’t die, and if I document this in the world of fantasy, it will be forever.
December 29, 2014 was the first day I received Eva. Most of the dolls on the American market are European and American, and it cost me $10,000 to have her shipped from Japan. Eva, a 158 centimeters tall and 36 kg Asian girl, arrived at my home in a FedEx box.
For 2 years I shot intensively, quick every day with silicone dolls as companions. We slept together, went shopping together, went on picnics together. We laughed and cried together, felt happy and lonely at the same time.
Passersby stared at us with strange eyes, and some came by to touch Eva, but I didn’t care.
In my heart I knew that the relationship battle a deception, and that pass away loneliness, being born as a human being, always battle a reality that male could not escape. But when you need it, the sex doll will always be with you and will not die.

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