Less Girls, Less Real Doll

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A sex shopping platform estimates that the annual turnover of China’s sex industry has reached 100 billion yuan, of which Real Doll is only a part.







But for the owner of Real Doll, the strong gender imbalance in China has made the market for Real Doll hot.Recently, reports about the “matchmaking wave”, “sky-high bride prices” and “bachelor villages” in rural areas during Chinese New Year have been piling up. According to media reports, China’s “leftover men” will be about the same size as Australia’s total population by 2020, with the vast majority of them being bachelors for life.

This is not an alarmist statement, as demographer Li Shuzhuo has sounded the alarm more than once: “The most dangerous time is yet to come!” In the past decade, he has pointed out more than once that “the demographic and social consequences of the bottleneck in male marriage caused by the continuous increase in the sex ratio at birth have become a major hidden danger to the sustainable development of China’s demographic society.”

At present, there are still many people in China who “do not know the true face of the mountain, but only because they are in the mountain.” So let’s see how foreign media and scholars view and comment on this issue in China: AFP published an article stating, “In China, the tradition of favoring boys, combined with family planning policies, has resulted in the current male-to-female ratio being about 116:100, higher than the standard 107:100. 107:100. As a result, there is a relative shortage of women. “Many young Chinese men have trouble finding a date. Zhang Han says, “So they choose Real Doll.”

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U.S. website The Wall Street Journal highlights some of the progress in China: patriarchal views of women are gradually changing, especially in urban areas. Women, who were once considered a financial burden, are gaining more educational and employment opportunities and supporting not only themselves, but their parents as well. Some couples are even reluctant to have sons because they consider the cost of raising them to be higher. In the modern middle class, it is common for parents to buy their sons a house to help them find a wife and start their own family.

This phenomenon is not unique to China. A 2011 study published in the medical journal The Lancet showed that in India, where there is also a gender imbalance, the likelihood of the second child being a boy increases with the level of household income and the mother’s education level. India does not have family planning, but faces the same problems as China. This is a strong indication that there are deeply rooted cultural factors in the demographic affairs of the two countries. In other words, China cannot fix the gender imbalance simply by relaxing its family planning policies.

Reuters commented that China’s current gender imbalance in newborns is the worst in the world, largely due to its strict family planning policies. China’s two-child policy is still not relaxed far enough and is opened too late to change the significant economic impact on society, with analysts saying that on current trends, China will become the first country in the world to grow old before it gets rich.

In summary, changing the status quo requires a comprehensive approach in four areas: institutional, cultural, economic and political, including changing the monogamous family name system, promoting connubial marriages and the appropriate use of sex dolls. The core measure is actually: improving the civilization of people. Change begins now, and it begins with you.

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