Lesa -Beautiful Breasts Mini Sex Doll – 130cm

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Large Breasts Miniature Sex Doll Lesa 130cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 2 / 130cm
·Weight:39.6Lbs / 18kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:26.3in*18.5in*27.5in / 67cm*47cm*70cm
·Hand length:19.6in / 50cm
·Foot length:7.4in / 19cm
·Vagina Depth:6.2in / 16cm
·Anal depth:5.5in / 14cm
·Oral depth:4.7in / 12cm


Background Story:

Lesa is a TPE Anime sex doll with a height of 130cm. I stood behind her and slipped my cock between her legs, running my cock against the lace crotch of her teddy. She closed her legs to increase the friction and I pumped between her legs from behind. It was heaven…I could feel her wetness and the moisture had already made her legs a little slippery.

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Sex dolls can make you forget about your problems for a long time. The sexual act increases blood flow to the brain and increases oxygen levels, and the deep breathing during the act relaxes the body. Feel-good hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins are released, giving the body a therapeutic effect and keeping it healthy. Last but not least, these hormones also slow down the aging process, promote emotional stability, cellular aging and provide sleep, which is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Sex is an innate behavior, and if you are recovering from a breakup, a live reality doll is the best option to satisfy your sexual desires without having to get involved in a new relationship. Many people with physical disabilities and social phobias can have a synthetic partner to share their fantasies with or simply keep them company in bed.

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Silicone sex dolls are better than single nightclubs, so you don’t have to worry about STDs or wear a condom for any reason. You are now ready to explore your sexuality without worrying about your partner’s likes and dislikes or unwanted pregnancy.

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