Learned About Robot Japanese Mini Sex Dolls

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We learned that robots Japanese Mini Sex Dolls are becoming more and more successful, and they look more and more like robots. Will we have sex with them soon?

A little bit already exists. Using advanced machines, you can think of it as a robot form. However, for humanoid robots, there is still a taboo in the manufacturing process for sex. Currently we are producing pretty cute robots for elderly services. After that, I think it will happen little by little. Dolls in love have been proposed in this regard, and we must develop them technically now.

Are you talking about Second Life … has Japanese Mini Sex Doll become a space for all possible fantasy?
New universes and incarnations make possible living things and fantasy possibilities. I believe in fantasy because they are the motivation of men. In Second Life, people don’t really touch each other, but this illusion is psychologically powerful. We may improve this and provide users with a real feeling through connected objects, but then we will not be completely in the fantasy, and some people may regret it.

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