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Small Breasts USA In Stock Miniature Sex Dolls Lauren 100cm

Doll size
·Height:3ft 2 / 100cm
·Weight:27Lbs / 12.25kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:23.6in*14.9in*23.2in  / 57cm*38cm*60cm
·Hand length:16.9in / 43cm
·Foot length:6.1in / 15.5cm
·Vagina Depth:5.5in / 14cm
·Anal depth:4.7in / 12cm
·Oral depth:5.5in / 14cm


Background Story:

Lauren is a TPE sex doll with a height of 100cm. I was extremely turned on and I felt so dirty, but I loved it. He finally asked me if he could come inside my ass and I let him. It was great. He fucked me in the ass all night long. I think now I’m addicted to assfucking.

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Realistic sex doll-Small Breasts USA In Stock Miniature Sex Dolls Lauren 100cm 3ft 2-10

Dear dolls expert, dear dolls cleaning knowledge. Exclusively at 【】.DE sex dolls.

Many customers who have just bought a realistic love doll face the problem of how to clean the dirty skin of a real love doll. If the sex doll has not been used for a long time, dust and dirt will stick to the skin surface, and the baby’s skin should be carefully wiped with a damp towel. It is best to clean it with body wash or soap. Once the skin surface of the love doll is dry, talcum powder can be applied to the skin to make the skin of the real doll smoother and more supple.

Realistic sex doll-Small Breasts USA In Stock Miniature Sex Dolls Lauren 100cm 3ft 2-09

The skin surface of a lifelike sex doll will become oily over time, but this is normal for the silicone oil contained in the raw material, so you don’t need to worry. We just need to take care of our love dolls regularly, and it is generally a good idea to clean them about once a month, depending on our living conditions and lifestyle.

Realistic sex doll-Small Breasts USA In Stock Miniature Sex Dolls Lauren 100cm 3ft 2-11
You don’t really need to worry about the very complicated and tedious cleaning of a Real Doll. Sometimes you don’t even need to clean them regularly. You need to clean your sex dolls after you use them. However, if you are a lazy customer or have a lower torso of your sex doll and only clean the bottom half, that is a different matter. It is recommended to bathe your personal love doll after use to make it look more comfortable.

Some customers have the problem that the skin of their love dolls gets dirty, but then it is necessary to use the cleaning glue provided by the manufacturer. Since this glue is corrosive, it must be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Improper handling can burn the baby’s skin. When repairing a sex doll, if there is a problem that cannot be solved, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to solve the problem, and do not act blindly.

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