Kissing masters teach you how to kiss and have a good memory of the first kiss

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Before kissing need to be prepared, to determine the atmosphere and timing are important, you can eat some candy before the kiss, etc., do not appear to have bad breath, or it will give the other party a bad impression; then it is to do relax, deep breathing, neck and shoulders not too tight, you must first be open eyes, see clearly the location of the other party’s lips, but it is best not to open your eyes in the kissing process, so as to avoid embarrassment.

Hold each other deeply, pay attention to the position of your hands, relax your body, don’t be too stiff, and keep your eyes tightly closed during the whole kiss. When it’s over, you can open your eyes and then slowly move your body away.

Start with an ordinary light kiss very gently and gradually, don’t start off very violently. This tends to scare the other person. Keep your lips relaxed and as easy as possible. Give each other a long kiss. For the first time, you don’t need to do a lot; try to give just the right kiss to make the other person feel happy.

When kissing, try to gently open your lips a little. Here is to say only open a little, or kiss her lower lip with your lips. Don’t last too long, about 5 seconds or so. If you can, try to keep the first kiss to 20 seconds or less. Breathe gently through your nose. Try to avoid exhaling into the other person’s throat or onto their lips.

During the kiss, put your hand on her back, close to her. For the woman, if the man ruffles your hair or gently pats your cheek, it shows that he is showing his emotions and that he likes you. Throughout the process please close your eyes and take your time to enjoy the process.

After the kiss, slowly open your eyes, look into each other’s eyes, with a smile, at this time the two sides of the feelings closer to a step; this time may be blushing, some shy, you can slowly embrace her, enjoy the feeling of hugging.

Sometimes, kissing is the best expression; when hugging each other, you can whisper some sweet whispers in his ear, you can simply talk about the feelings of the moment, so that the other party knows that you love each other very much, which can promote the feelings between each other.

Kissing with your favorite person is a very beautiful thing to think about is very happy, but this process needs to pay attention to some potential rules that should be known, may not be good kissing techniques, or touch the inappropriate place, these will make the other party feel bad, so pay attention to these aspects of the problem.
Also don’t kiss when you are sick and prone to germs. Kissing is very intimate, but it doesn’t mean the other person wants every part of you, including your cold. Try not to kiss someone when you don’t feel well.

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