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JY Doll Weight Reduction is here – The lightest Realistic Sex Dolls in the World

Everyone wants a lighter weight sex doll, and now that dream can come true.
Now, with this unprecedented new technology from JY Doll, the TPE Doll is lighter in weight. For a premium of just £300, you can have a JY Doll that weighs at least 10kg less.
For larger dolls, this weight reduction will be even more. We are currently advertising this as a weight loss of 10kg or more.
JY use a new gel technology in their TPE sex dolls that allows them to weigh less than the advertised weight we see on each product page. each weight on the JY Doll product page can be reduced by choosing a refill.













This is a real game changer in the sex doll industry!
A sex doll weighs approximately 50% of the weight of a human of the same size. With this new technology you can lose at least another 10kg, and even more so with the more voluptuous dolls!
Some of the internal TPE material is being replaced by a lighter weight gel material, very similar to the one used in gel breasts. This does not make the doll any ‘wetter’ and does not attract attention except for the significantly lighter weight.
This is compatible with all the TPEs used in JY, but cannot be combined with the heating pack at present as it has not been thoroughly tested. When checking out with JY dolls on www.hiasu.com, please don’t choose between heat packs and weight loss – we can’t do both.
We can’t wait (weight, wait, get!) Let’s get our hands on one of these to test the difference!

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