Japanese Photographer Transforms His Residence Into A Sex Doll Museum

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Photographer and sex doll lover Yoshitaka Hyodo transformed his residence into a private Japanese sex doll museum.




























He lives in Yashio City, located at the junction of Saitama Prefecture and Tokyo. During the local tourist season, Hyodo even opened his lifelike sex doll museum to the public. The main opening time is from April 30th to May 5th. If you want to visit, you need to make a reservation, you can check the relevant information and details on his private website. The admission fee is 1,000 yen per time, but it is free for lovers of sex dolls, and shooting is allowed in the museum, but the photographed works are limited to non-commercial use.

This is the fourth time that he has opened up his collection of sex dolls in his two-story private museum. He hopes that one day he can turn his home into a real Japanese sex doll museum. “Treasure Hall” was once very common in Japan (especially in Atami, a hot spring sacred place loved by couples), but unfortunately it faded out of people’s sight and became a little-known mysterious base after the war. It is reported that, except for one, the rest are closed.

Since about 2002, Hyodo has also held an exhibition of his sex doll photography. His works have even been exhibited in Paris, and the Vanilla Gallery (Vanilla gallery) in Tokyo has also held an exhibition of his works.

Although the museum is not only full of sex dolls — there are other creepy and quirky exhibits — they are the main feature, as reported in this photo. However, they do not seem to be a single brand of sex dolls, but a mixture of different sex doll brand manufacturers, including wax dolls and cloth dolls. Many collections are based on war and military themes. This is actually a very common metaphor. It is a pornographic culture that links war and violence with the large-scale release of fantasy and desire.

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