japanese love doll found on a junkyard

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Some time ago, the introduction of waste separation was started in Shanghai. It was reported that Shanghai residents were immediately unhappy with the waste separation. There were policies, measures, and then there were the Internet users who had their own guide to the garbage dump. Pigs can eat wet waste. Pigs don’t eat dry waste. Pigs eat it to death and call it toxic waste. The recycled waste can be sold to the pigs. It’s a very clear view, but if you think about it, most people in the city don’t have pigs.

But it reminds me of something. Two days ago, when the company was cleaning my aunt’s utility room, we saw a real love doll and told us to look or not. Of course, this was a huge spectacle, and I immediately enlisted the help of a male colleague. Based on the intended use of the love doll, it was confirmed that it should be discarded. But with such a realistic and real-life doll form, it was really a matter of throwing it away where it wouldn’t cause panic. And what kind of nonsense is a love doll?

For this question, we did some checking. The most common dolls on the market are divided into TPE and silicone. The love dolls we sell are made of TPE material + built-in metal skeleton. The TPE material belongs to the category of recyclable plastics, the metal is dry waste and can be disposed of separately. Before the tramp can be disposed of, it must go through a series of processes, which is not easy. Because if you do not dispose of the doll before you throw it away, it may scare the finder and cause misunderstanding. You can use scissors to cut the love doll into fist-sized pieces and dispose of it in a garbage bag before throwing it away. The built-in metal frame can be disposed of by applying force and bending it. However, like us, if there are people who are anxious and shy, or those who cannot escape the feelings of a real doll, you can resort to the following means.

silicone dolls
My aunt wanted to clean out her utility room, so the first thing we did was get the doll out: it’s a real doll, but it’s not a real doll. The actual love doll weighs about 20 to 30 kilos, but it was still a bit difficult for my male colleagues to move it. Then I found a car and drove up to my colleague’s door. The intimate male colleague was directed outside to the badminton court, not forgetting to hide her clothes. Finally, he called his uncle, who collected the garbage, and he came and took away the Dutchman. At this point, by the way, I would like to remind you that human dolls are a big item in the garbage collection and cost money. What do you think about real dolls?

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