It was wise to buy a sex doll for my husband

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Blue Hair Cute Anime Mini Sex Doll Aletha 135cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 4 / 135cm
·Weight:38.8Lbs / 17.6kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:20.4in*16.1in*25.9in / 52cm*41cm*66cm
·Hand length:14.5in / 37cm
·Foot length:7in / 18cm
·Vagina Depth:5.5in / 14cm
·Anal depth:5.1in / 13cm
·Leg length:25.1in / 64cm


It was wise to buy a sex doll for my husband

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I am an employee of hanidoll, a company that sells physical dolls. Today at the age of 29, I am a mother of a two year old. I am now living a very happy life with my family of three.
Life is not always easy. I always feel that I owe my happy life today to the decision I made three years ago ……
My husband and I have been in love since high school. After four years of long-distance college, we returned to our hometown after graduation, worked together, lived together, and finally walked smoothly into the marriage hall. My husband is a good man, working hard and at the same time being extra gentle to me. Especially after I got pregnant, he took good care of me and took good care of me. Even though I sometimes lost my temper with him because of my hormones during pregnancy, he always tolerated me. I am still very touched by all this.
One day, I came home and didn’t see him, but just heard his dull moans coming from the room. I thought he was sick, and I took off my shoes while shouting, “What’s wrong with you, husband? Is everything all right? But before I could go in and see, he opened the door and smiled awkwardly, “You’re back, honey?” I didn’t say anything, I just looked around the room to make sure no one else was there, and then I smiled and asked him: “Honey, what are we going to eat today?
That night I tossed and turned, and I thought for a long time that I hadn’t realized how hard my husband, who was already sexually active, was trying to hold back his biological desires during his pregnancy. He was always giving his heart and soul to look out for me, and I wasn’t doing much for him. How I wanted to comfort him and help him through this time together. But for the health and safety of the baby, sex was not good. I wanted to use my mouth, but being pregnant I was already prone to vomiting. I wanted to use my hands, but I have very clumsy hands and was afraid I wouldn’t do it well. I was very torn and didn’t know what to do, I just knew I wanted him to be comfortable and happy. When I thought about it, I made a decision in my mind.

The next day, I said to my husband, “I’ll buy you a solid doll.
My husband thought I was joking, laughing his head off, full of promise and said “haha buy it buy it, your company does not sell this just go ask if there is an employee price”.
I told him I was serious. The husband’s smile froze, and I could see his embarrassment. He hurriedly changed his mind “buy this thing for what, daughter-in-law are you stupid? I want you for the rest of my life!”
“Silly, I know.” I blushed when I heard him say that “but I don’t want you to feel so bad, you work hard for me, and take care of me every day, I know you love me, but I also want you to know how much I love you!”
“Silly daughter-in-law, you are willing to carry a baby for me, how can I not know that you love me?”
“No, today I have decided, no one can change it!”
“Ah this…”
“It’s settled!”
My husband knew he couldn’t stop me, he always tolerated me and said no more.

…… (To be continued)

I talked to the minister about it, expressing the desire to buy a doll from the company. Normally, it is a very strange thing for a woman to buy such products (even men are the same, to buy only secretly and ashamed to ask), but the minister not only did not feel strange, but also as a woman, very understanding of my ideas, specially approved me a very low price. I bought dolls from the company home this thing, because the need to take the goods need to carry, inevitably let several colleagues know, but because we are engaged in this industry, the company every day and the doll deal, so there is no embarrassing situation. This point makes me feel very deeply – everyone in the company is a good person ah.
The husband opened the package and saw with his own eyes such a real physical doll he was stunned. “Times are really moving on… If I didn’t know it was a doll, maybe I would have been so scared that I would have called the police.”
“Hey, are you getting an erection?” アンタ、今立ったでしょう?
“No, nonsense, I didn’t” 立ってない! そんな訳が,我は別に
“That’s too much, I just looked at it twice” ひどい! ちょっと見ただけで
“This is because…”      It is a force majeure だけで! It is…
In this way, a pregnant woman, a man and a solid doll formed a strange family. A strange life began.
Since I had the doll, I started to be naughty, something or nothing I like to say something to seduce him, tease him, looking at his little expression that he wanted to do me but had to hold back, I laughed my head off: “Is it hard?” “No” “Want to do it” “Hum, do not want to” “Want to do you can use the doll ah” “I do not use” “It’s okay ah, buy you is for you to use, go to use, after using tell me what ideas, but also let me know more about understanding, useful for me to do business!” “Ah? There are experiments with their own husbands?” “Cut the crap, go!” “Then I can go ah, you have to know I am not for themselves, is for you to use the ow.” “Hum, I know” “I will report to you before each use” “Good!”
So he went, and the doll in the next room to move the second time, I stuck to the wall and eavesdropped, although the surface in the snicker, but in fact, the heart is also a little not taste, after all, is their own husband. Then I thought of the other side is just a commodity that I sell every day, “but a commodity, and no feelings,” I told myself.
My husband came out of the room refreshed, and I looked at him teasingly: “Are you happy?” “Yes ……” I immediately gave him a blank look. “Of course you can’t compare with your wife, this is a plane cup, or your wife is the best!” “That’s more like it” “Hey…” “But you kid even know the airplane cup?” “Ah, hearsay, hearsay”
After that, my husband kept his promise to tell me every time there was a need, and although he himself felt awkward, he still had the cheek to tell me, just to put my mind at ease. With the pregnancy gradually backward, I myself also hormonal accumulation, sometimes will feel itchy, so will after he and I report and then into the house, change into nice lingerie, knock on his door and walk in to actively give him mouth. Imagine what an incredible scene that was. My husband said it was the most sexual moment he will ever remember in his life.
In this way, I took the opportunity to buy my husband a physical doll to satisfy his sexual needs during my pregnancy, while also enhancing our relationship as a couple, which is strange, but really happened.
Now our child has been born healthy and growing, and sometimes when I do with my husband I ask him to move the doll over together, a threesome, he looks red-faced reluctantly, but still moved and also particularly excited. The man is not like that.
My husband has been taking care of me and supporting the family for several years. The actual fact is that many couples’ feelings fade from pregnancy, but my family is different, my husband is getting better and better to me, and even more attentive than when in love. My husband said that it was his life’s blessing to be married to such a silly and lovely wife as me, I really don’t know what to say, I still think he is silly and lovely.
I sometimes think that my husband and I have such good feelings, in addition to our original character fit, when the purchase of physical dolls is also a great opportunity may be.

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