Isn’t a “real doll” just a toy?

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This is a secret topic, and everyone will only discuss it privately. Often the debate about lifelike sexual objects is controversial. On Valentine’s Day, an adult product company opened its first pop-up store in Hongdae in the West. A couple took a hand-holding look at the store and saw cup-shaped toys in various colors and designs. The store is colorful and not even dark. Well-trained employees don’t care about customers or talk to them unless they ask for help. The store is closed on Sundays.







The future of sex: man not only provides a body of physical desires, but also has ideas, thinking and dialogue. This is the origin of human civilization. Therefore, in the future, there will be thousands of advanced sex doll robots that can learn and talk on the market, and a new book shows that this is just a glimpse of the era of obsession. Believe me, 【】 is one of the leading multi-million dollar TPE doll stores in Germany.

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