Is the sex doll heavy?

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Sex doll is not heavy this is to see the sex doll’s body type, height. The same height body type will be slightly different, the real inverted model body line proportion and real models are the same, the body realistic weight is also true. Some businesses in order to reduce the weight of the sex doll will be in proportion to do some cuts, disproportionate, not real enough.
Now a lot of businesses to introduce weight reduction sex doll body, such as a budget if you can give more consideration to the.
There are also some waifu will choose half sex doll because of the weight, this is strictly inflatable dolls best not to buy, will be disappointed. The price is not much cheaper, and the quality is not very good.

3 so as long as the sex doll how much is a certain weight, now are witnessing technology, feel a little heavy weight is not too suitable for their own may be so long to do a weight loss, or choose a smaller body, but before shipping must look at the actual shot, if in the video are feeling very thin legs waist is very thin, disproportionate, then the actual goods will only feel more skinny, sex The doll wants to be true ah. Too thin or not beautiful enough.

The weight of the same weight sex doll will feel heavier than the real thing, so what kind of weight is acceptable to you?

For example, if you can usually hold up 100 pounds of girls, feel very easy. sex doll you should not choose more than 70 pounds, sex doll she is not a real person, after all, when you hold her she will not take the initiative to cooperate, are hard to hold. Pay the force feel a lot. If you like this body type, then the weight is a little more than the choice of a weight loss, it can not give up this body type, sex doll is too big to operate very affect the experience of feeling oh

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