Is Sex with a Sex Doll a Fetish?

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We can see how some people might turn sex doll ownership into a fetish. After all, sex is an unlimited experience, and it should be a part of our natural freedoms that evolves as we evolve as a species. Sex dolls are merely a reflection of society’s progression to the openness of sexual values, as well as our embracement of technology.

Sex doll advancement won’t stop now. The introduction of TPE love dolls was something that changed what people thought was possible with finding a partner that was willing to have one purpose in life – to be your unquestioning love slave.

It was only natural that some people decided to advance the technology in sex dolls, and the modern sex doll is an example of this combination or primal human need for sex, and how technology can help us live our fantasies.

So, is owning a sex doll a fetish? The answer is, sure, it can be if you want it to serve that purpose for you. There’s also nothing wrong with that, and how you choose to live your life is up to you, not the ideals and values of other people.

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