Is it safe to buy foreign love dolls?

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The new crown virus is still going on. Is it safe to buy love dolls, then we worry about some problems.

1. Is 【】 still taking orders?
Yes it is. Absolutely, business is business as usual.

2. Do we still offer free discreet transport to any country in the world?
Yes, transport and postal services are working as usual. There will be some delays initially, but as the world moves on, the sex doll needs to be delivered…

3. Can I catch the coronavirus from my new sex doll?
no According to a preprint released this week by researchers at the Princeton National Institutes of Health and the University of Los Angeles. They found that the virus can remain toxic on the surface for 24 hours (up to three days). So… With this information we can say with certainty that under extremely unlikely circumstances there will be no trace of virus on the doll’s surface even before shipment. This virus is already present when the pupa is killed. Disappeared.

The sex doll is a great sex toy to pass the time. She looks like a real person but not a real person. She will never use your toilet paper. She won’t even ask you why you buy so much. what else do you want girl

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