Is it legal to import sex dolls?

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In many countries they are legal as long as they meet the criteria. For example, Australia, Norway and the UK have size restrictions on dolls with small breasts, which means that no mini dolls or extra petite dolls are allowed unless they have tits and big curvy thighs. If you have any doubts, always jump into our live chat and ask for the doll you are looking for. Australia has more rules, not only for size, but also for breast size. Technically, an A cup breast size is considered too small (although flat is fair! And many adult women have smaller breast sizes!). Remember, your doll is more likely to attract attention if you try to order one that is exactly the minimum your country allows. For example, in the UK, 140 cm is the guideline for the minimum size. However, we recommend ordering at least 145 cm and above, preferably 150 cm and above to clear all the hurdles without any problems – especially important if it’s a petite doll with a cute face and small breasts. In fact, here at Silicone Lovers we manually check every incoming order. If we suspect there may be problems with your order, we will flag it with you before it is processed. We don’t want to put our customers at risk, and we don’t want to put our business at risk either, not to mention morally.>

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