Introvert male crush on a person’s performance are what

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Whoever has a crush on a person, the heart is sweet, and an introverted boy, when faced with this situation, and what performance? Or what does an introverted boy do during a crush?


Blush, do not think that only girls will blush, in fact, boys in front of their favorite people will also be blushing, and even red to the color of the apple. So, introvert men in a crush on a person when they usually have a blushing performance.

Originally introverted boys, usually talk would have been less, but in the face of their crush, the words are even less, even less to do not know where to start, do not know how to chat with girls.

In the crush on the girl, introverted boys will always involuntarily to peek at that person, and is from time to time will peek, if usually more careful, then it is easy to find the introverted that boy crush on the girl is which one.

Because the more introverted, so always embarrassed to speak to the face and crush girls, so only privately and quietly send anonymous messages to the girl, only so they can express their concern for the girl, but too embarrassed to express publicly.

Another thing is that introverted boys will silently pay, when the girl crush what difficulties, introverted men will secretly help him, for her to quietly do something, belong to the silent pay type.

Introverted male mouth is always embarrassed to express love, but he will use action to prove that he loves the girl, so in front of their crush on the girl, introverted male will get along with the girl crush in life, but the mouth is always embarrassed to say.