Introducing 【】 Sex Dolls

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Inside the high-end doll is a man-machine hard drive, almost as much technology as a laptop. “This is the heart of my puppet. Basically, they are intelligent robots with voice recognition programmes. The beauties of these sex dolls can have erotic conversations. Everything is waiting for a new beginning.



At the same time, the sale of children’s dolls is restricted for 2020. In Germany, the use of small dolls with a height of less than 140 cm and faces aimed at infants and toddlers is taboo. Customs cannot pass on this article. We guarantee that children’s dolls are not sold as a matter of principle, but this depends on market effects.

Customers come from all over Europe
【】 opened his shop in Germany, but our transport routes support most parts of Europe, which is unique in Europe. He has been making a lot of money with it for four years. Because of the moaning when touching the skin anywhere on the body (which is impossible lately) it has now become a completely normal erotic function. Later, dolls from all over Europe asked, “Come in, I’m so organic.”

This is where we support professional customisation
We have met the most complex clients, like one of them: “There is a rich German who was never quite satisfied with our model. It’s not what really appeals to him: it was the size of the breasts and then the length of the legs. Or the colour of the hair. ”

Sex dolls’ erotic work only ends after five physical design attempts, until the client is finally satisfied with the vision. 10,000 euros to produce good works of realistic size.
You can prepare a doll in a fortnight
It takes no more than two weeks to make love dolls. This is only possible in some conventional environments. If silicone material or robot type are chosen, it takes longer. Of course, we also have ready in stock. These ready-made girls are it Crashers. We photograph 3D models of real women and copy them into our work.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.