Introduce your silicone dolls to your significant other

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Your sexual friend may have some problems. They may even be upset. It is not time to defend yourself or criticize. If you find love dolls more attractive or want to know if this is a form of deception, they want to know if you think real love dolls are quite normal. Keep an open mind without getting hurt. Of course, you should not say that your sex doll is more attractive to you, even if it is true. What you can say is that you find your partner absolutely amazing, but this doll is a bit illusory for you. How and why you use these silicone dolls, you should be honest.






If your sexual desire is stronger than your partner, you can explain to him that you do not want to force him to have sex more often. The doll is essentially a sex toy for sex. Your partner may enthusiastically embrace the idea of a silicone doll. They may be interested in the threesome or just watching your demonstration. Your enthusiasm is high, but your comfort level is also important. It’s great to share your sex dolls. So keep yourself.

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