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Integrated Vagina or Detached Vagina | Best Sex Dolls ❤️

Integrated Vagina or Detached Vagina

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Integrated Vagina or?Detachable?Vagina?


When you are buying?a realistic sex?doll, you may notice?the options “integrated” or “detachable”.


So,what exactly?do they mean?Is there any difference?between integrated vagina and detachable vagina?

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Both integrated type and detachable type refer to the vagina?type of sex?dolls. I’d like to introduce you the features, advantages and disadvantages of both types.


  • Integratedvagina




The vagina?cannot be removed because it is made together with the body in the mold and is integrated with the body. The appearance and interior is very clean and realistic, like a real woman’s vagina.





Because it is made together?with the body, you don’t need to consider problems such as changing the vagina.


When you are in the sex mood, just go for it.Don’t bother to install the vagina,which can be stressful sometimes.


It’s beautiful and realistic, making it a great model for photography.




Cleaning can be difficult sometimes. You can’t take out the?vagina as the detachable type after sex, so you have to carry the whole sex?doll to the bathroom to clean it.


Also, you can’t change the vagina, so if the vagina didn’t fit you well?or you just want to try a different flavor, you have to keep using it?or buy another one.


  • Detachable vagina




The hole for installing the vagina itself is smooth, the hole cannot be used for sex,so?you must install the vagina before using it.


And depending on the manufacturer, the hole?can be divided into two types: the type that sticks out of the vagina and the type that is hidden inside the vagina. (All of Msexdoll’s products are the type that are hidden inside the vagina.




It is easy to clean after using. Instead of the integrated vagina, you can just remove the vagina?from the hole?and wash it.


You can try different flavor,you can buy different detachable vagina as your wish.




Removing and installing can be stressful. (Of course, you can clean and dry it at the end of the last time and then install it.)


If it is a vagina?that sticks out of the installing hole, it will not look as realistic. However, it is very easy to clean.


A vagina?that is concealed inside looks almost as realistic as an integrated hole, but if the vagina is not properly attached, lotion and sex oil?may seep into the crack, and then you will have to clean not only the vagina, but also the hole of the doll. If you don’t, mold and bacteria can be?there.


In summary


The above is an introduction to the features and benefits of both the “integrated” and “detachable” types.


To sum up the above information, we have created a table.

If you are still confused, please?contact with us on Msexdoll.


Finally, I will show you how to install the detachable vagina. It’s very easy!


First, find the side of the?hole?entrance. You can’t go in the wrong direction.Open your vulva wide, hold the hole with your hand, and shove the hole all the way in. It’s easy?right?

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading.

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