I Will Try To Make It Easy Real Mini Sex Doll

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I also like the 1m50 and 27kg real sex doll seems very realistic, but I hope she looks like a young woman, not a child. This doll I want is to take care of it, go shopping-I hate it-or choose clothes and dress her on the internet based on my taste and imagination so that she is as beautiful as possible, as if it is my female part that can be expressed and in The doll became vivid.

Then take a picture of it in an eternal woman, and I will try to make it easy. I’m not ashamed of my new passion, I want to talk about it around me, but I know I can’t. Except for this. I have this impression to help me grow and mature emotionally. I’m interested in psychoanalysis and the root cause of its choice and everyone who has the same itinerary.

Hello and welcome. I am 52 years old. For me, women have been completed for less than a year. I have two WM real sex dolls, one 170 and one 161. They make me very happy. My doll can do very sex for me, but the company sleeps with me, takes care of the photos and fun makeup, dresses, and thinks happy.

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