I want to give my boyfriend oral sex, but what should I do if I am not skilled?

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As a human being, the most important thing is to be happy. For some young couples who stick together every day, they do a lot of routine things. It is inevitable that they want to pursue some excitement and play new tricks that make themselves and their partners more comfortable. The new tricks can bring freshness to people, break the boring feeling brought by traditional conventions, and make the experience more beautiful #sex doll for men.

[Oral sex] is actually a very good new way. However, there are still some people who are not able to accept this method and hold prejudice against oral sex, such as “Is it really dirty there?”, “Is it easy to spread diseases?” and so on.

What is oral sex?
It is a type of sexual behavior #silicone sex dolls. The specific implementation method is that one partner uses the mouth (including lips, tongue, teeth and throat) to contact the other partner’s genitals and stimulate it.

Oral sex is more common than you think

In fact, the behavior of “oral sex” is really more common than we thought sexitoys for men. Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States shows that, including teenagers, sexually active same-sex and heterosexual couples generally engage in “oral sex.” Men are more likely to be “oral sex” than women, and the proportion of males and females who “oral sex” for their partners is equal.

In China, a random sample survey of citizens conducted by researchers showed that from 2000 to 2015, the number of heterosexuals who had sex and gave each other “oral sex” increased from 17.2% to 36.8%; while the other party gave themselves “oral sex” Increased from 19.5% to 36.8% #vagina pussy real sizes.
Some partners will use “oral sex” as an “appetizer” for foreplay, mobilizing their partners’ bodies and desires before the start of regular sex. This stimulation will make them more enjoyable.

But while enjoying the pleasure, we must also keep in mind that any form of sexual activity may cause local mucous or skin damage, which may lead to sexually transmitted diseases dolls for adults.

What sexually transmitted diseases may be caused by “oral sex”?
Although compared with vaginal or anal sex, “oral sex” has a significantly lower risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, but its negative effects on the body still cannot be ignored. If there is a wound in the mouth, open ulcers, bleeding gums, or a wound on the partner’s genitals during “oral sex,” the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases will be greatly increased silicone doll 18 sex.

The most common sexually sex doll torso transmitted diseases transmitted through “oral sex”
Genital herpes, gonorrhea (male infections are mainly manifested as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, red and swollen urethra, and purulent discharge.), syphilis

Other uncommon sexually transmitted infections spread through “oral sex” include:
Non-gonococcal urethritis, condyloma acuminatum, AIDS

How to perform oral sex safely

Do a good job of cleaning the oral cavity and private parts:
No matter what form of sex life occurs, TPE sex doll, doing a good job of cleaning before and after is a prerequisite. Brush your teeth and ensure that the inside of your mouth is clean and odor-free. I think you can do a good job without me reminding you.

Wear condoms: “oral sex” condoms, condoms
Tongue condoms are similar in design to conventional condoms, but the opening end will be wider, so that it can be put on the lips, avoiding direct contact between the oral cavity and the genitals, and reducing the spread of sexual diseases

Ensure that the oral cavity and reproductive organs are free of wounds and diseases
Before performing “oral sex”, try to avoid using dental floss or going to a dental clinic for treatment, because this may cause bleeding gums or open wounds inside the mouth, other types of gum disease or oral ulcers, poor oral health, Sexules toysetc. Will increase the possibility of oral infection. In addition, if you find that your partner’s genitals have peculiar smell, herpes, redness, ulcers, or even purulent discharge, you must stop in time and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

How to “blow sex” to your heart’s content?
Give girls oral sex:

Science has shown that compared with Yu’s traditional vaginal sex life, more than 70% of people prefer oral sex, especially women. Most people may not know that about 80% of women can get sexual pleasure through oral sex, and only about 25% of women can reach a high point through intravaginal sex.

The first step is to find a comfortable environment, first have some caress and love words, let her relax. The next step is the method of tongue, which needs to be experienced with your heart.
The process of “oral sex” should be gradual, from shallow to deep, from light to heavy… the tip of the tongue, the surface of the tongue, and the side of the tongue can be used flexibly. Remember not to focus on the attack from the beginning, and try to avoid sex doll woman touching and damaging the skin or tissues with your teeth. The last is the climax. This knot is very important. Don’t disturb the rhythm. Remember the previous beat in your heart. Don’t try to speed up the rhythm or change the way, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Oral sex to boys:

From the perspective of meeting the psychological needs of men, the meaning of “oral sex” is very important, but from a purely perceptual point of view, the meaning of “oral sex” for men is far less important for women, because no matter what technique is used, it is basically The feeling of simulating intercourse adult xxx.

First of all, it must be carried out in a relatively safe environment, find a suitable position, pay attention to protect the knees, so as not to accidentally slip and fall or injure the genitals. The second is the skill of the tongue sex doll 100cm. Think of it as ice cream, licking, swallowing, licking, sucking, and gently oral sex. You also need to pay attention to avoiding tooth contact. In addition, if you can pay attention to the coordination of your eyes and gestures, you can add a lot of points.

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