I Understand Why Mini Sex Dolls Still Have Unusual Shapes

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That’s why I have to browse before making a decision. I keep in mind that trying 100 cm experiments, we found 600 euros. In short, thanks for your addition, don’t hesitate to ask me questions that will help me make decisions and guide my choices. I think I understand why Mini Sex Doll still have unusual shapes! And “Comic” face. If you don’t want to use it, I think you should use a more practical size within the minimum range of 140 ~ 145.

The prices are different. Beyond 600 cm (100 cm), this seems suspicious. The average price of this size is 1,000 Euros. Do you see the location name of the 100 cm doll? A 100 cm doll is not a Mini Sex Doll, but a children’s doll! Except for the sale of 140 cm mini puppets, which are banned in France, you have to go through a Chinese seller where you find yourself completely illegal.

You take the risk, if there is a check on customs in custom football on the other hand, in the 600 EU, there is nothing other than fake “feces”. If you want to buy a torso for a low price, start or go to the “Mini Sex Dolls” scene where dolls are always great. Handle excellent invoices at around 1000 EU. I am a couple, but why do I live alone? Testing elsewhere is also an opportunity for me to be omnipresent on the Internet, at least I have no chance to touch and see my opinion with my eyes.

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