I Don’t Know How I Feel About Japanese Mini Sex Dolls

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A few hours later, Dolly left me. I don’t know how I feel about Japanese Mini Sex Doll.

I asked a sexologist for rescue. She was impressed with the creature: “It can satisfy those who want to maintain control. The release of female sexuality has forced men to become stronger, which puts a lot of pressure. I told him Fred and Victoria Kedo. “If this is a defensive option, why not? If this phenomenon intensifies, it will be better accepted. Dolly and her sisters could make the lives of thousands of sad men better. Victor promised that he did not want to be separated from Helen and Hannah. As for Fred, he only dreamed of one thing: “A big house with many Japanese Mini Sex Dolls. For us, this is the end. Dolly is leaving. I take off his head and I pack Her body, taped the cardboard she arrived with tape. The delivery man must have ripped him from my life. Goodbye Dolly.

If RealDoll Talk is still in the development stage, according to the statement, within two years, we can buy the talking love doll’s head for about $ 10,000. Yes, just the head. You can repair RealDoll’s old model. You can even set personality. Otherwise, to keep the head and the entire body in the robot, items that will be viewed later will cost $ 30,000 to $ 60,000.

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