I divide sex doll into four different softness.

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I’ve bought Mini sex dolls for more than a month. I’m here to share my personal feelings with you!

The sex doll I share this time is Sanhui’s 165cm body,

I divide sex doll into the following four different softness.

The first level is vagina:

Many people say that the chest is the softest, but it’s not. As far as my doll is concerned, it’s the vagina. I position it as super soft, that is, the softest part of the whole doll,

Maybe it’s the best part of the family. It’s really used by nine men. They all know what to do here.

The second level is the chest and abdomen:

These two parts are positioned as super soft. They feel really good and feel great.

The third level is thighs and hips:

The positioning is soft and feels acceptable

Level 4:

It is positioned as standard soft. There is no special customized soft part. It feels a little worse.

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