I Am Very Interested In The Mini Sex Doll World

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I’m very interested in the Mini Sex Doll world, but I haven’t invested yet. The budget issue is first and foremost congestion. If you are also sharing your life with someone, it is not easy to integrate a third person even if they have not yet. The TPE model is easier to access, but obviously heavy. Silicones are lighter but more expensive. I will be attracted by second-hand or exhibition models, but I am also afraid of disappointment. I also want to know about maintenance, storage, cleaning, I don’t think I’m the only person, and are accepting any suggestions or suggestions!

I would rather flash on a larger doll of about 167 cm, very realistic, wide chest and hips, thin face, beautiful, red or gold (or brown, actually has a very human expression, except in all aspects) Solve the mentioned methods (where to store, clean, price …) I am scared and want to connect with it, fall in love with them, and then no longer appeal to them (real) women, I said I have six More than ten years old, but very focused on sex.

I am in love with it. I am only 36 years old and single, so it is easier. I am still attractive to human beings. For a few days, it is held today. This morning I do n’t have time. I ’m hungry with a small butt. Like mating, if it’s really cute, I comment .. Fortunately I’m sick and shy, otherwise I would lose control and curiosity, sometimes even worse.

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