I Am Looking For A Mini Sex Doll

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I looked at the photo gallery, but the photos may be misleading. I’m looking for a Mini Sex Doll that not only looks very close and looks like a real woman, but also exudes this indefinable charm, the obstacle that makes it unique. A few years ago, I had an inflatable latex doll, of course not the same thing, one hundred euros, but expressive face (rarely seen in inflatable toys), green eyes and red hair.

I’m crazy about it! As soon as I kissed her lips, I got an erection. I dare not imagine a very successful silicone doll. I want to return to your ideas to interest you in second-hand dolls. Indeed, there are often many new dolls sold at very low prices. I sell “new” dolls myself, but according to your wishes, it cannot interest you. I just want to know if the love of a doll can “integrate into the sex of a couple Medium. And in what way. I can imagine to the husband, but to the wife?

Some members have or are experiencing this rather subtle experience, which requires good diplomatic skills and a certain attitude to bring the topic to the surface and be able to start the discussion with peace of mind. I am a man at least thirty years old. I have three oudoll from the United States. I plan to open another (for now). I can’t decide to buy the products produced. I found the work unparalleled. They have more stuff (don’t want to offend you).

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