I Also Want To Stay Within A Certain Limit Japanese Mini Sex Doll

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My answer, work work work, sorry when I took the time to read and accumulate all the many tips that have been provided (rather than repeating the rest of the question and again). Still hesitating (not talking), but buying a doll. However, through the experience of reading expressions, I am convinced. Unfortunately, I set financial restrictions that bar me from using high-quality silicones. So it will be a TPE Mini Sex Doll.

The beauty of the Japanese Mini Sex Doll also helped me … I love Belinda and almost fell in love with Emma. But the final blow was given by Wendy. So it will be that I am still hesitant between size (and form): the contour that seems very realistic (very desirable) to me is 163cm, and the contour for “Mini Sex Doll” is 165cm (D).

I also want to stay within a certain limit … Take advantage of these advantages to take advantage of the breast. To answer some questions about me: my last serious love was 4 years ago. In fact, I am pained to express: I want to keep my independence to do what I like, not to sacrifice time for compromise (essential in love). I don’t mind taking care of it. A young lady, but some activities are also a little forced.

Massage talcum powder, comb her hair, and put on her indecent underwear. I’m really enthusiastic. In addition to the size selection, I have a few more things to solve: I like black! My sheets are black, I am wearing black, and the black on a young lady rarely leaves me indifferent. I need to put a little white for myself (for male Mini Sex Doll), and I don’t have the facilities and locations for a “shop” horizontally.

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