Human skin color improves during orgasm

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Regular sex makes our skin more beautiful. What the experts have found is not only true for women! The five reasons why sex is good for the skin are as follows.

Sweating prevents impurities.
If you really go away during sex, you will sweat a lot. It’s just healthy, it makes us glow. Sweating detoxifies our body, pores can be opened and debris can be eliminated from the body. This means that there are significantly fewer spots on the skin.

Regular orgasm improves skin tone
The hormones released during orgasm make our skin glow and our hair shine. Estrogen gives us a better complexion – so that radiance exists after sex!

Sex prevents wrinkles
Stimulates the production of collagen during sex. A protein that is particularly good for the skin and is also widely used in anti-aging products. Due to increased collagen production, our skin tightens from the inside, looks plump and wrinkles are smoothed out.

Sex is moisturizing
Yes, not what you think now! During lovemaking, the whole body is actually hydrated. The reason for this is oxygen. During sex, oxygen is distributed throughout the body to provide it with more minerals and vitamins.

Sexual increase of blood circulation
Sexual intercourse stimulates blood circulation, which also makes the skin more beautiful. After sex, our cheeks are slightly red, cells are activated and skin tone improves over time.

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