How to use the vibrating egg The use of the jumping egg is introduced

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Operation method
Apply lubricant on the surface (also can wear tt on the apparatus first).

Put a suitable battery on the apparatus.

Put in the right place and then turn on the switch until you feel the end of the power can be turned off, and then cleaned.

It can also be used for chest teasing, along the neck, gradually down the “attack”, are very sensitive locations, according to their preferences, you can extend or shorten the teasing time.

You can also do a full body walk, you can lie down prone, close your eyes and let your partner help you complete the full body walk with the vibrator. The body and mind are as relaxed as possible, let the partner with the lubricant, in your body to do irregular wandering vibration, close your eyes at the mercy of each other, giving a sense of anticipation of pleasure.

Before you really enter the extremely sensitive, you can vibrate around the neighborhood and feel the different frequencies that can stimulate the desire for further experience.

Next, you can stimulate the peripheral sensitive points, first from low frequency, gradually speed up the frequency. At this moment, you may not be able to hold down, there will be love fluid overflow, the vibrator from top to bottom, the overall stimulation, pleasure multiplied.

You can also internal sensitive point stimulation, with lubrication, gradually enter, looking for the internal sensitive point 4-5cm out of the oblique, with a jumping egg with different speeds, there will be unexpected effects.

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