How To Use The Sex Dolls For More Pleasurable Sex?

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Robots already construct our vehicles, clean our homes, and prepare our food; now, producers are providing lifelike, moving dolls for “private enjoyment.”Sex dolls are essentially realistic dolls with complex motions that closely replicate human movements so that they may romp. Sex dolls are hyper-realistic, with oral, vaginal and anal openings.

If sex is pleasurable, then sex with a sex doll is sure to be as great! Earlier, people used to use different sex toys for masturbation. They were just meant to excite you or masturbate but cannot give you a natural feeling of sex. Real love sex dolls, on the other hand, give you absolute sexual pleasure. They come in various sizes and forms, ranging from a whole, anatomically correct body with lovely faces to only the torso. Sex dolls, depending on how you use them, can make you feel as if you’re having sex with a real lady and can help you achieve a deep orgasm.

Sex dolls have a deep and fascinating history.

Sex dolls were first made by Dutch sailors in the seventeenth century who were lonely at sea on long journeys. These masturbatory dolls, known in French as dame de voyage and in Spanish as dama de Viaje, were constructed of stitched fabric or discarded garments and were a direct forerunner to today’s sex dolls.

The positions you must try!

Try out these sex positions with your sex doll! You’ll be out of breath after assuming these positions.

1. Slouched over

Couples have been trying out this posture for years. As your sex doll stands in the bent-over pose, you move behind her. Leaning against a table or a bed, grab her by the back of the neck. Dolls can be bowed over a bed or table while standing. Her face should be in contact with the bed’s surface, and she should be seated with her legs bent at the hips. Vaginal or anal penetration, or both, is possible in this seductive bent-over posture. As a bonus, you may even dress her up in hot high heels. While her butt pulls out, position her in a standing position.


  • Outside and inside, the bedroom is in perfect alignment, which enhances the enjoyment of the sex.


  • The use of the mattress may be more comfortable.
  • After prolonged use, your doll’s knees may become flat. So, be on your guard.

2. Doggy style(standing)

Your sex doll can attempt this position if you’re one of the many males who enjoy having their partners stand against a wall and slide in from the rear. Since she will be supported and held upright by the walls, placing her in the room’s corners is preferable. As she balanced her body against the wall, she spread her arms out. Entrance is possible with a bit of rising of the right leg.


  • The best sex positions are in kinky ways, such as balconies, showers, and similar locations.
  • For deep penetration, this is the best option.


  • A large height gap between you and your sex doll might make the situation challenging. Stretch the doll’s legs wider if she’s taller to allow for better penetration.

3. Using the Spooning position

As far as intimacy goes, spooning is probably the most intimate position in all of sex history. You may spoon your doll when she’s lying on the bed or if you wish to get into a close position.

You can place the doll on the side with its arms bent in front (remember, she’s your tiny spoon). You can keep her legs bent at a 45-degree angle to support her torso. From the vaginal or anal entrance, lift her leg. To have Smooth and hot penetration with spooning.


  • You don’t have to carry a heavy sex doll. Therefore this is ideal. As a result of your proximity to her, she becomes enraged. There is a great sense of intimacy in the relationship.


  • When making love, you can’t kiss her or gaze into her lovely eyes.

4. Magic Mountain posture

Place your sex doll against a wall or bed and approach the room in the Magic Mountain posture from the rear. There are similarities between this pose and the dog’s pose. The only difference is that It requires the doll to kneel on the bed surface when entering from behind.

Allow your doll to kneel on the bed’s surface and then get up. For her body to remain balanced, elevate the sex doll’s arms a little bit over her head. To protect her from falling while you’re both kneeling, stretch her legs out a bit from the back. After that, whether you want to pump slowly or vigorously.


  • Magic Mountain posture is one of the most attractive positions for an orgasm.
  • For those who enjoy rough sex, this is the ideal position.


  •  This position does not offer the same level of closeness as others.

Features of Real-Looking Sex Doll Models By Love Sexy Dolls

Love sexy dolls provides realistic-looking sex dolls of various ethnicities. The material of the doll is TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) with exceptional elastic properties or medical-grade silicone that are both safe and ecologically friendly. The inner skeleton is composed of stainless steel. You can posture your doll in almost any position that an ordinary human can perform without pain.

Nevertheless, the dolls cannot hold their entire body weight and occasionally require a stand or support for certain positions. So far, no significant pressures apply to the limbs in that posture; the doll can retain the pose you positioned it in. You can personalise your doll however you want, for example-

  • Skin color
  • Eyes color
  • Hair color
  • Boobs size
  • Height of doll
  • Nails color
  • Lips type and color
  • Dress
  • Number of openings
  • Pubic hair- present/not
  • Vagina – removable/fixed

The services are not known to pose any health concerns. It is simple to keep the doll clean – easily clean it with a light cleanser, detergent, or olive oil.

Bonus Tips!

There is now a much greater understanding that sex dolls to replace anyone. Sex dolls are using these days to increase the user’s enjoyment and assist you in achieving more orgasms. Using sex toys is a natural and healthy pastime, and there should be no guilt in doing so. Masturbation and orgasm have several advantages. She provides comfort as well as sexual relationships. You’ve heard and read countless stories about men falling in love with their sex dolls and that falling in love with a sex doll is simpler than you think. Many sex dolls have incredibly real-looking eyes. When you stare into a pair of lovely eyes from a few inches away, and they appear to be staring intensely into you. Neurons in the brain begin shooting off love and endorphins all over the place. As kissing is a natural sensation when you combine that with staring into her eyes, embracing and holding her, and holding her hand, you can’t help but feel something on an intense level. There are a plethora of options with male sex dolls.

Additionally, before purchasing your first sex doll, conduct thorough research. Sex dolls are available in a variety of materials and styles. Choose the best one for you. In addition, most sex dolls require special preparations before intercourse. Always follow the procedure and prepare, so you don’t get injured. We hope, regardless of the sex doll or sex position you utilise.

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