How to tell if you are a virgin

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Dare not look up when dating
If the boy is always afraid to look up at the girl’s face on a blind date, or want to look but look up immediately after the head down, and the girl’s eyes collide, the face suddenly reddened, which means that the boy has no experience in love, is a virgin.

Where to put your arms when kissing you
When a boy kisses you, if he rubs your buttocks or holds you tightly, is definitely an old driver. When a boy does not know what to do, it means that the boy has no relationship experience and is a virgin.

Time to ask you to watch a movie
If a guy likes to ask you to watch a movie in the morning or in the afternoon, this means that the boy has no relationship experience and is a virgin, I believe you understand.

Do not expose the body in front of the girl
The boy never dresses more exposed in front of the girl, much less bare upper body, always pay attention to their image, cover themselves up tightly, all indicate a virgin.

More shy when chatting
Generally virgin boys are more shy when chatting, embarrassed, especially sensitive topics.

The boy is nervous about kissing with the girl
The boy and the girl became lovers, the heart wants to kiss the girl, but just do not dare to pay action, the girl took the initiative and their kiss, will obviously feel the boy’s nervous reaction, all indicate a virgin.

Will not open a dirty joke with you
The boy and the girl together, always speak very carefully, will not touch the Xiao area, will not take the initiative to talk with the girl – some dirty jokes, tease the girl.

Piss on the toilet time is relatively short
If you are a virgin, the time it takes to go to the toilet is shorter than that of a boy who is not a virgin, but a boy who is not a virgin will have such and such a urinary disease, which takes a little longer – a little longer.

Will not buy you girl supplies

If you are a virgin, you let him buy girls’ hygiene products, he generally will not agree, will feel more embarrassed, or will not go to the supermarket alone to buy, either to buy when you will buy – some other things, and then quickly leave.

The first time will not know what to do
The first time with the girl will be overwhelmed, the strength of the strength are relatively strong, but the time is relatively short, emitted quickly, but will soon want a second time.

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