How to take good photos with Real doll

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First of all, you need to pose first, you need to know the amplitude of the joint vibration of the sex doll. Many parents have love dolls, do not touch the joints of sex dolls and are afraid to break the real sex doll. In fact, the joints are not fragile and will definitely refuse violence. As long as you are familiar with each joint. One more word: I think of a love doll, if you are real doll, how about your hands and footprints? Fingers pay attention to the overall posture! Because the doll has not changed. Most fingers are wires, so they sometimes distort!

















Secondly, the camera is wasted. You can also use your steps to capture your favorite real dolls photos in many environments. The biggest advantage of cell phone shooting is that it is easy and convenient. However, it is best to take photos where the light source is sufficient. Finally, noise will not be detected in areas with insufficient light, which will cause sensitivity problems.

Third, shooting angle, why premium silicone dolls are so cute! My family’s bread? This is an angle problem! Speaking of shooting angle, it is recommended to view images of these photos on the Internet, which can be imitated by putters. By imitating more, you will gain experience and gradually develop your own ideas.

Fourth post-processing 1. Use Photoshop to crop the photo and make the image composition more clear. 2. exposure, only the brightness of the photo! Instead, the influence on visual effects is very important. Usually the contrast is high, the image is clearer, more visible, the color becomes brighter and brighter, the contrast is low, and the whole image is grayed out. High contrast is useful for image sharpness, detail and gray scale. 4. saturation. Restore unlit photos. Or I want to be a literary work. So you can create it in black and white.

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