How to see if the boy likes you

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Some boys like a girl, but do not dare to confess to the beloved girl, but he is secretly in love with you, and you happen to but also like him, how can you see if he likes you, the following I will analyze it. In fact, you carefully observe, their performance is still very obvious.


Whether to take the initiative.
You have to pay attention if a guy does not take the initiative to find you, he may not like you, if always ask you to send him a message or call, this is not a good sign, if he are too lazy to find you chat, sorry, he does not like you, he may treat you as a friend, but, that’s all. If you get up the courage to ask a guy out or find him together, but he says he is very busy, this is not good, of course, he may really be very busy, but if it is always like this, he may be cheating on you, you may have to continue to be single it.

In the busy also to reply to you.
If he really likes you, he will drop everything to find you, even if he has very important things, he will also defy the odds to find you! Another situation, if you chat with a guy, but he is not willing to discuss private topics with you, if he just treats you as an ordinary friend, casually pull a few words with you, it is not difficult to see that in fact he has little interest in you, in my experience, if I like a person, I will want him to understand all about me, of course, I can understand all about him, and nothing to hide. Including any small details.

Distance produces beauty.
It depends on whether he is willing to have physical contact with you, if he keeps his distance from you, the situation is not very good oh, in fact, seriously, in any case, if someone wants to keep a distance from you like this, can be nothing good, if he likes you, he will play with you, hugging you. Wait, unless he has a cleanliness or is too shy, otherwise if you do not want to get close to you that may not like you ah, close to you. If he calls you: “brother”, “buddy” these more masculine name, you do not have a chance, really did not. I’m sorry, but you’ve stayed close to the circle of friends, you can still wear a big undershirt, go to the movies together, shopping, etc.. Because you are already good friends, good buddies.

Concerned about you.
The most obvious performance is to pay attention to you all the time, what movement you have he is concerned about, and just pay attention to you alone. You can feel the warmth, even if you do not like you, there is a person who can always pay attention to you, that is also very good.

Whether to care about.
If it is only concern, it is not enough to reflect, that is care, not only the words of concern, but also put into action. When you catch a cold, he will be the first time to hand you cold medicine, give you tea and water.

From time to time about you out:.
Boys if you just chat with you, just chatting there is no idea, and do not propose to meet, probably just when you are chatting friends, if he implies that Saturday Sunday boring or something, you can take the initiative a little, after all, all understand.

Talking eyes.
It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, like or dislike you from the eyes can be seen, if he likes you, his eyes will not dare to look at you, dodging, and look very unnatural. And speech may also stumble, he is not stammering, but do not know how to express. If he does not like you, his performance will be very natural and generous, like his own brother.

The object of confiding in, only and you say:.
If you have something on your mind to talk to him, he will be your best listener, and he will be very patient to listen, although this has nothing to do with him. He will try everything to help you solve your problems, although you will deny all the ways he wants, he will still be with you, to help you through the difficult times, it is clear that he is like you.

Mutual liking.
If the mutual sincere like each other, he will not think about putting other sister up. A lot of incredible things in the relationship, but also need to figure out for themselves, in fact, boys active for a long time will also be tired.
Finally, you need to be reminded of the point that if a guy likes you, he will find a way to let you know that he is interested in you.

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