How to save a tpe love dolls?

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Tips to make the love dolls last long.






Before storing a love doll, wash the doll, clean it and dust the powder. Then put the doll in a relatively well ventilated area, avoid storing it in hot and humid conditions, do not seal it, keep it dry and ventilated to avoid exposure, avoid light storage, keep it away from chemicals and do not set fire realdolls are sold online in sofa boxes or you can choose to buy them in a Real TPE love doll commercial boxes.

After putting the money in the sofa box, it is advisable to put a blanket underneath so that the bottom does not become too hard and the person deforms over time. Since the love dolls are heavy, it is best to buy 304 pieces. Thick hooks can also be purchased online. The head does not need to be removed to store them. You can also add a layer of fabric to keep the dust out.

If you are not sure what went wrong, contact the seller to find out what solutions are available or visit the appropriate forum to find a solution.

tpe love dolls
Real sex dolls are very popular nowadays, but is anyone else very curious about what a real doll is? Why do so many people choose love dolls? Some internet users have given the following eight answers.
1, You can’t find a girlfriend or don’t have time to find one, but feel the need for one and sex dolls are eye-catching!
2, Real Doll Torso don’t have to worry about vacations, pregnancy, etc.
3, Cheap sex dolls will not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases or other problems.
4, Love dolls will not argue with you or stop you from playing.
5.TPE sex dolls won’t talk back, won’t betray you and can listen to what you say in peace.
6, The tpe doll is really beautiful and has a great body, you don’t have to find a girlfriend with a great body in real life.
7, The sex doll is not only a doll for sex, but also for powerful decorations, because you can take photos and model for free!
8, The cost of buying a sex doll is much lower than the cost of keeping a girlfriend~!

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