How to recognize the sensitive parts of women?

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How to know the sensitive parts of women? When in love, know the sensitive parts of the female body, so that when the time comes, you will not be confused. Today we will get to know the sensitive parts of women.


A woman’s neck is not just for men to admire, women can also get pleasure from it. Stroke her neck with your mouth or hand, and she will definitely respond to you more enthusiastically.

This part of the lips is not easy to ignore, love cannot be separated from the touch of the tongue, the stirring of the tongue drives the excitement cells of the whole body.

In addition to the senses quite stimulating to men, women can also experience the comfort of sex from the breasts. Men’s work on the breasts and nipples, to a certain extent, reflects the extent to which he takes care of his female partner.

Can not exaggerate in the slightest to say that the clitoris is the most sensitive place for women, with hand strokes for a while, women will be stimulated degree can reach the feeling of electricity, no resistance. Women love the feeling of being electrocuted!

Inner thighs.
The inner thighs is the most sensitive area to enter the road. At the same time there are many nerve cells, slowly stroking this place, will bring her a different feeling. Ankle.
In the details of the movie, we can all see the plot of men kissing women’s toes. Don’t be too disgusting, there is also a sexually sensitive belt Oh! Science shows that the toes have some nervous system and other sensitive areas of the body connected, so kissing a woman’s toes can also bring her pleasure.

The buttocks is an important measure of a woman’s external sexiness, and is naturally a sexually sensitive part of a woman.

Massage is the reason, women’s back also need to massage, sometimes gently ants is a tree, and sometimes add a little force to press, feel the whole body so soft.

The ears are a relatively easy place to be ignored by some inattentive men, but many women are eager for their best man to kiss her ears. From the mouth, all the way to the ears, that feeling, very subtle. And then say a couple of love words, women naturally intoxicated by it.

As the connection between the buttocks and the back, it is a very intimate place suitable for touching, and the result is very good, they will have a sense of excitement.

Inner thighs.
The inner thighs are more the way to enter the most sensitive area. At the same time there are many nerve cells, slowly stroking this place, will bring her a different feeling.

In addition to the parts introduced to you above, and women naturally have other zones need to be aware of male compatriots.

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