How to properly handle romantic relationships for college students

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University is a big stage and a small society. How to properly handle romantic relationships for college students.


The most important thing is to study
Study is the vocation of students, the feeling of love is sweet, but college students should still give priority to their studies, which determines your future. In the process of falling in love, you should urge each other to study hard, give each other support in learning and progress together. Instead of dragging each other down.

Take love seriously
College students are not very mature psychologically, and sometimes they are easily tempted by the outside world and easily fall in love. You should have a serious attitude towards relationships and take the responsibility that you should take. If you are not sure that you really like each other, do not confess your love to each other easily.

Don’t cross the line
College students should be careful not to cross the line in the process of falling in love. When you are young, it is easy to be impulsive, but you must exercise restraint. You can’t predict what the future will be like, and it’s hard to be sure that this person is the one you’re going to spend your life with, so crossing the line is extremely irresponsible for both of you.

Downplaying material needs
College students in love should be weakened material needs, this is because your economic resources are still mainly dependent on parents, no work themselves, no economic resources, you have little capital to pursue material.
Even if one party’s family is very rich, do not show off their wealth in front of each other, which will make the other party have low self-esteem and resentment. On the contrary, if one party’s family is poor, do not hit them, as long as you work hard you can certainly build your own warm family, your future will no longer be poor.

Keep rational
College students are prone to mood swings, which is very bad for both sides of a relationship and requires both sides to control their emotions. This is mainly reflected in mutual trust, do not be suspicious of each other because of each other and other people’s normal interaction.

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