How to Make Money Using MINI SEX DOLLs?

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Did you ever think about making money using your MINI SEX DOLL? Sounds funny, doesn’t it? You don’t make money off your MINI SEX DOLL, you spend money to get one, or that’s what most think. But if truth be told, there are ways to make money by taking some help from your beloved MINI SEX DOLL.

So, as we were saying, there are many ways to earn money off your realistic doll. Today, we have come up with some of the most reliable ways through which you can earn decent money using your MINI SEX DOLL without getting into much hassle. Now, without further ado, let’s get right into it:


We start by exploring a rather different approach to make money using MINI SEX DOLLs. Porn is something that the whole world is well-familiar with and there are numerous websites that host adult movies and videos. But why are we telling you this? Well, because these websites can be your source of revenue. All you need to do is shoot a steamy scene with your doll. You don’t need to bring in a fancy crew to shoot a video. You can do that yourself with a decent camera.

Once you are done with the video, you can post it on any or well, all major websites of your preference. But how do you earn money out of it? To be precise, the money is mostly made out of ads. You can monetize your videos and set some ads on them.

There are also some affiliate ad models that adult websites offer. For instance, you can with the pay per click model that pays you for every new visitor that visits your sponsored ads. There is also the percentage program where your earnings depend on the traffic you send across, the more the traffic, the more the pay.

It would be fair to say that there is more than one way of earning through adult websites. But you need to make a spicy enough video to gain the attention of the crowd.


Now that we are talking about the crowd, let’s discuss a way to earn money through a live audience. Yes, we are talking about live cam shows. We know, it might sound a bit like an offbeat suggestion to you. Generally speaking, live cams are more favorable towards girls as they can do a solo show. But for men, they need a partner. Well, this sort of drawback becomes a solid advantage for you when you are in the company of a MINI SEX DOLL.

Your doll can be your perfect partner for the live cam show. As we said, most of the cam sites are dominated by female performers or couples. But you and your doll can also come out as a couple. How or what you decide to perform on the cam show entirely depends on you. There are some popular cam sites like Chaturbate, Livejasmin, Onlyfans. You can opt for these websites to go for a live cam show.

In recent days, the concept of live cams has gained significant popularity. After all, it’s a very simple and streamlined way to gain cash. So, it is highly recommended that you opt for live cam shows with your doll if you want some monetary gain by, well, putting up a show.


Yes, you heard it right! You can make money by selling photos of your doll. But you may ask that doll photos are available on almost every website that sells or is related to MINI SEX DOLLs. Why would anyone pay for something that’s already available on the web? Now, that’s where the fun part comes in. The thing is you aren’t selling just some random stock photos of a MINI SEX DOLL. You are putting on sale some exclusive shots of a MINI SEX DOLL that you own.

What we mean is, you can dress up your doll in an “exclusive fashion” that could and would set her apart from the regular dolls. You can take pictures of your doll in different poses and styles. There is a lot of unique stuff that you can do with your MINI SEX DOLL. Of course, it again depends on you on how or what kind of photos you want to sell.

There are a numerous websites where you can put up photos of your doll for sale. ShutterStock is a good example to go by. You can find other such websites as well. We would say this is an easier way of getting some extra cash using your MINI SEX DOLL.


This is by far and large, the easiest way to make money using your doll, hands down. What makes it so easy and most importantly, what does it mean to become an affiliate? These are the kind of questions that might be circling around your mind. Now, to become an affiliate, you don’t need to record any porn videos, do any live cam shows, or sell photos of your MINI SEX DOLL. All you need to do is recommend dolls or share a few doll store reviews and voila! It’s done.

Being an affiliate means you are promoting the products or a brand. If any customer directed by you goes on to buy the product, you get a certain commission.

The affiliate commission rates on MINI SEX DOLLs are quite lucrative if someone buys using your unique link.

What makes it a desirable option is that many MINI SEX DOLL stores are open to the idea of bringing in affiliate sales. We at SDG run an affiliate program and you can become an affiliate in a few simple steps. You will get to use the sale banners, high resolution doll pictures, reviews and videos to promote SDG dolls. Having all these tools at your disposal adds to the convenience and it is quite fun.

Use your forum or social media presence to promote a doll vendor store and wait for your efforts to generate great returns in the form of commissions.


It is not uncommon these days to find MINI SEX DOLL owners operating social media accounts on behalf of their MINI SEX DOLLs. Posting their doll routines and pictures of their love doll in unique outfits. It is no surprise that people on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter would love to see this side of your doll.

One can grow a huge social media following just posting their doll pictures and sharing your experience as a doll owner. Once you have a decent social media following, it will be no surprise that brands will begin to approach you and pay you for promoting their products.

Hope these money making tips will help justify your passion for dolls and give you means to recover your doll cost easily. If you still haven’t bought a doll, check out our collection of beautiful sex robots that can speak and moan like humans.

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