How to make boys like themselves?

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Men chasing women across the mountain, women chasing men into a veil. Do you think it is right.


Pay attention to your external appearance. Put yourself together in a clean and fresh and agreeable manner. In front of him is a gentle and elegant look, not an untamed look. Good external image is a vital one to attract his attention, so be sure to pay attention to dress themselves, women for their own appearance, remember that “it starts with the face”.

Know the boy’s preferences. See what the boy likes sports, games, what to eat and so on. If you want to communicate in the future, you can have common topics.

The hard truth is to get your grades right. Good grades will make boys notice you, so that you can communicate more on the study, work is also the same, the beginning of a relationship are from the beginning of mutual attention.

Show your talent without a trace. There is an opportunity, appropriate show, show their own talent, show their extraordinary, boys do not pay attention to you is strange.

In his time of need. To make boys like you, you do not need to stalk him. That’s meaningless, a suitable opportunity to meet than stalking do not know how many paragraphs, for example: when it rains heavily, he did not bring an umbrella, take out their spare umbrella to let him borrow a little, so there is not the opportunity to contact it, there is the opportunity to contact, the following is the need to contact again Oh.

With the beginning of the understanding, it is necessary to communicate with each other, to understand each other. Note that do a good job of their own, some bad habits should be changed, bad habits are easy to drop points. In fact, boys are not always like the gentle girl. Therefore, when you think you and gentle do not match, may be quiet to do a good job on the line, to maintain their own nature, do not need to deliberately change their own, to do that unique to their own that a scoop of water can. Remember to “stay true to your character”.

Special Tips
Men chasing women are separated by a mountain, women chasing men are separated by a veil.
Begin with the face, faithful to the character.

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