How to make a woman come

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Women in sex many times are not satisfied, many times, women have not climaxed, men have ended, while a woman’s orgasm is more complex and more difficult, then how to make women orgasm, see this article tutorial.


Romantic pre-sex preparation.
For example, the environment is paved, get some candles, balloons will be decorated in accordance with the female partner’s preferences, generally with the best pink, and erotic lingerie, etc., ready to do everything.

Stimulating sexual foreplay.
The man should caress the woman’s sexual sensitive zone, to be adjusted according to the female partner’s reaction, each part should have a different degree of stroking into.

Stroking her private parts.
Touching her private parts is a very important part of the process, this is the most important step to get her to open her lust, stroking must be gentle, you can use your fingers to poke her labia, and then gently massage her clitoris with your fingers, it is best to use a rotating motion, from light to heavy, this sense of stimulation will make her feel aroused.

Kiss her pussy.
If she doesn’t reject it you can gently lick her clitoris, be careful not to lick too hard because the clitoris is very sensitive, just lick it gently, when she starts to sink you can gently bite it, the slight pain will make her feel a great stimulation.

Nine shallow and one deep movement.
Enter with nine shallow and one deep way, nine shallow into, the tenth deep into, deep into the resistance, wiggle the hips, about 5-10 seconds, the movement should be slow, the frequency is not too fast. Slow nine shallow a deep way is to reduce sensitivity, distraction is to not prematurely reach the point of excitement, in the female side because of deep into the response after resisting more and more intense, do not be too impatient, which will make you ejaculate quickly, but in the female side of this platform period to keep the hips wiggling, know that the longer the female side of the platform period time, the longer they last the pole of the final orgasm, the general orgasm but half a second, and delay The longer the woman’s plateau time, the longer their final orgasm pole lasts, usually only half a second, while delaying the woman’s plateau time, but you can make the woman last about 2-8 seconds of orgasm pole

At the call.
To try to let her grab you, she let you slow you slow let you fast you fast, the body to full contact, hold tight, give the female partner enough security.

Adjust your breathing to divert attention.
Adjust your breathing, use your tongue against the gums of the upper row of teeth, you can recall what you have done since you got up this morning and use it to distract yourself.

Use multiple postures.
The same position for a long time will also be boring, so be sure to change, such as missionary, female supremacy, backward, riding all through to try again.

Try to let the pubic bone touch each other:
Slow, gentle, sensitive and strong. Not a constant pounding. Be slow and gentle with your penetration, squeezing the pubic area as you finish penetration. In general, only those women who cannot reach orgasm during intercourse will prefer rough treatment.

Give adequate clitoral stimulation or other forms of stimulation before orgasm, then penile insertion into the vagina, followed by the woman reaching orgasm a little later by adequate pre-caressing before penile insertion into the vagina. Because women actually get very little stimulation during intercourse, only then will you be able to make your partner enjoy a mesmerizing orgasm and you will experience a soul-stirring moment.

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