How to kiss men to make men addicted

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Make good eye contact

Before kissing, if there is no eye contact, and it is the first kiss, if you make a surprise attack, you say your beloved will not be scared by you? How can you feel? Before kissing, make eye contact with your favorite person, so that the other party can sense your affection and stimulate each other’s passionate surges, so that the next step will be felt.

Touching each other

Of course, do not carelessly “touch”, but very affectionate and gentle, such as stroking each other’s hair, touch each other’s face, or take each other’s hands, but also very natural with the body close to each other, so that each other familiar with your scent, sense your passion, so that the other party can also have a little mental preparation time, right? Right?

Make a verbal “seduction”

Before kissing, don’t just say nothing, it’s meaningless! Physical communication is based on feelings, and feelings need to be stimulated by words, right? So, use your language for a little seduction, such as say some love words ah and so on. But pay attention to the tone of voice, must be soft, it is best to speak close to each other’s ears is good, a minute to ignite each other’s passion it!

Fresh breath

You say, when you are ready to kiss with a person, suddenly the other side of the mouth breath came, you will not then spit him out all over? So hello, before kissing must ensure that their breath problems. There are many men like to eat chewing gum for breath fresh, and you say, most girls hate the taste of gum, will feel very false. So, try to brush your teeth well don’t eat odor heavy food.

Kissing elsewhere

Before kissing, it is best to kiss the other party’s other places, such as the back of the other party’s hand ah, to give the other party to experience another feeling of your kiss. Or kiss the other party’s forehead, if the other party is a girl, will be kissing their forehead of the man very feel, that is a kind of behavior called pampering. Or kiss each other’s cheeks, step by step slowly try to proceed slowly.

The first “shallow taste”

In just the beginning of the kiss, do not come to what romantic French tongue kissing and so on, you will get each other confused, regardless of whether the other party is male or female, the first kiss is so passionate, you will let the other party have a feeling that you are thirsty. So, at the time of the first time, take your time, be gentle, do a shallow taste, gently touch the lips and then understand to move away, so more able to make each other’s heart beat faster it.

Deepen your kissing

When your kissing behavior the other party did not push you away or resist strongly, then you can proceed to the next step, from the original shallow taste, you can slowly and forcefully taste. For example, a primary French kiss is necessary, kiss to let each other feel suffocated when you hurry to let go of each other, and continue to kiss each other’s forehead or hold each other tightly, let each other hear your heartbeat, but also give each other a chance to breathe, and then deep kiss again.

Create a kissing environment

You tell me, if you two are kissing, suddenly a shout, or around the appearance of other people watching you, how would you feel? Is it a kind of being as a monkey viewing feeling? Want to let each other kiss when there are feelings, each other can find passion, then you must create a safe environment, such as your own house and so on. Otherwise, the feeling of trepidation is certainly exciting, but accompanied by absolute worry, natural kissing is not enough heart minion.

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