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It is said that kissing with your mouth on the other person’s is the best way for two people who love each other to be intimate. So how do you kiss? And what skills should be noted when kissing? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

Kissing categories

Want to kiss when each other have a good impression, these tips must be noted.
1. prepare well before the kiss, make sure the atmosphere and timing are appropriate.
2. Relax, breathe deeply, and don’t collapse your neck and shoulders too tightly.
3、Hug each other with grace, pay attention to the position of the hands and relax your body.
4, from the ordinary light kiss began very gentle step by step, do not start off very violent. May scare each other, closed or not closed eyes can be.

Lick kiss
Lick each other’s upper and lower lips with your tongue, let each other feel the sensation of licking the taste buds of the tongue, pay attention to keep the saliva full, if the saliva is too little, dry licking kiss will have an uncomfortable feeling.

Sucking kisses
Gently suck on each other’s lips; use your own saliva to wipe on each other’s lips and then suck them clean.

Gum kissing
Explore the other person’s teeth and gums with your tongue for stimulation purposes. The movements should be careful, slow and gentle between touching and not touching to produce a special feeling of intimacy.

The chewing kiss
Bite each other’s tongue and kiss as if you want to swallow it, being careful to use too much force. Imagine that the other person’s tongue is a tasty one, and try to swallow it by biting, licking and sucking.

Deep Throat Kiss
Lick your tongue deep into your partner’s throat. This is a rather uncomfortable kiss, but there are people who enjoy it.

Passionate kiss
The tongue is wrapped around the other person’s tongue in the mouth and swirled up and down, left and right to increase the pleasure.

Kiss of sweet spring
When the two lips meet, you can use your tongue to transfer your saliva into the mouth of the other party and suck the other party’s saliva. It is suitable for lovers who are in love and in good health, and they will feel that the saliva in their mouth is unique in the world.

Kissing techniques

French kissing technique
When it comes to French kissing, the first word that comes to mind is romance. The tenderness, passion and beauty of French kissing, all rolled into one, will make the kissing experience reach a climax! You can learn more about the specific techniques.

Spiral kissing technique
Stick your tongue into the girl’s mouth and keep rotating the kiss. Some people may have already thought of this method, but it is difficult to master this technique. When using this method, you must not kiss each other too freely, but must be able to match the girl’s tongue with each other, otherwise she will never agree to your kiss again. Even if she is not suffering from tongue rejection disorder, she will also reject your kiss, so it is important to kiss in a considerate and gentle way, and this is the secret.

The sucking kiss
This is a kissing method that uses a strong sucking force to forcefully suck the lips of the other party. If the mucous membrane of a girl’s lips is very fragile, it will produce bruises like blood beans, so it is important to be gentle. I would like to advise all men to stop when they see that their partner’s expression becomes painful in order to win the girl’s favor.

Vacuum kissing
A kiss in which you do not stop sucking each other. This type of kiss must take into account the lip shape of both men and women. Although the man sucks desperately, he can never make the girl’s mouth in a vacuum, mainly because of the lip shape problem. From a physical point of view, the combination of a small mouth for girls and a large mouth for men is most conducive to this kind of kissing method. It is as easy to create a vacuum as putting a big lid on a small hole, which makes the kissing atmosphere high.

Learn to speak with your eyes
When kissing, want to mobilize each other’s sexual interest, we must learn to speak with the eyes, more eye contact, such as eyebrows, eyes meet, of course, not staring closely. So, before the kiss, to his affectionate throwing eyes, while gently rubbing his cheeks with his fingers, the next hot kiss is sure to be a revelation.

Put more concentration into kissing
Never kiss with two minds, this will make your partner feel unappreciated or think you are just playing around.

8 kinds of wet kisses that make each other disgusted

1, wooden man: this kind of person is completely unresponsive, boring, you will feel the mirror are more than his enthusiasm cute.

2, vacuum cleaner: this kind of people in the kiss when the way of suction, simply like cleaning the vacuum cleaner, boom, a lot of movement. This kind of person is better to see less, who wants to interact with vacuum cleaners?

3, vampire: this kind of people do not know whether it is lack of blood or disease? Express love will bite each other’s lips until the other side of the mouth bite bleeding. This person needs not a lover, but a toy that can be used to bite.

4, scavenger: this person kisses like a scavenger, but his tool is not a broom, but her tongue! He will downright help you clear your mouth of vegetable scraps, if you like each other in your mouth carefully search, then he is your ideal lover.

5, the lion’s mouth: when he opened his mouth wide, you have to think: his target is your mouth, or your nose forehead as well as internal organs?

6, the beard: full of beard, looks very manly, but a jump into his arms, can be enough for you to suffer.

7, big teeth: If you imagine what it’s like to kiss a barred window, it’s not hard to imagine what it would feel like to kiss a man with big teeth.

8, drooling slob: full of each other’s saliva, the thought of it will feel disgusting, if your lover belongs to this type, remember to wear a long-sleeved clothes, or simply bring a towel, in order to wipe off the stained saliva at any time.

The best way to kiss

Closed type
In the initial stage of love, both people are a little shy, the kiss should be closed mouth, limited to the lips and lips kissing.

Half-open, half-closed
One partner’s upper lip moves between the other’s upper and lower lips, and then rubs gently from side to side. This can make both parties exceptionally excited.

Concave and convex type
A gentle rubbing of lips against each other followed by mutual sucking. This generally results in fuller contact and more passionate expressions of affection.

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