How To Introduce Adult Toys To Your Sex Life

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Sexuality has always been considered a taboo topic to discuss. It is even regarded as offensive to say anything in public about it in Western and Eastern countries. Nevertheless, our curiosity about it has led many people into discovering their kinks or what stimulates them in bed. It may not come up in extensive discussions, but it is brimming on the surface of many people’s talks behind the scenes. Meanwhile, others live in constant deprivation, or as harmful as they like to call it during that time.

In the modern world, it is not as taboo to talk about it anymore. Even though many people still label public discussions of the topic as cringy, it is becoming more accepted. In turn, it has created progress in many areas, including the issues about gender, fetishism, and differences between sexes. The discourse online is not the healthiest as you may read here, but they still talk about it, at least. It is an improvement compared to other cultures wherein these talks are shot down immediately.

Taking It To The Next Level

When it comes to couples, though, it is entirely different as the dynamics matter all the time. For one, many like to not talk about it at all since they think it is awkward. This kind of behavior or action is usually due to the culture or traditions surrounding the couple. However, others are more liberated with their leanings, so it is an easy topic to discuss. It is also quite fun to discover your partner and see what they like in bed.

One of the more popular subjects discussed by couples is the addition of sex toys. It is becoming trendy these days, even advertised by influencers online. Some celebrities took the chance and promoted what they used as well. Most of them might not be on the A-list or even B-list, but it is evidence of society becoming more open-minded. There are still detractors of this kind of marketing, but it is always trendy to sell these items.

Meanwhile, introducing this new concept into the bedroom is not something for the faint of heart. Sure, you can visit sites like Pleasure Store and see what they have in store. However, it is essential to have a pleasant conversation with your lover before doing anything. Always remember: communication is still the most excellent tool you can use to maintain a relationship. It is especially true in this case since it will be about your bodies and sexual pleasure.

Ways Of Doing It

  • Choose the right time to discuss.

These topics are still sensitive, even if we are more open-minded these days. It is not something you can tell someone over the phone or at dinner. There is a particular time and place for anything, and more so when it comes to sex. It will concern a change in your bedroom activities, and all parties involved should have a say as to what happens. You can start the discussion in bed, or an intimate position as this might soften the blow.


  • Set a date and make it memorable.

If you have already decided to include such tools in your sex life, make your first time special. Similar to the concept of virginity, doing something together for the first time is a memorable experience. You may not want to make a big deal out of it, but it is better if you will try. You may like to introduce it during your anniversary as a couples’ thing to enjoy. It does not have to be too special, but it adds to the romance if you are inclined with it.


  • Let both of you decide which tool to use.

A relationship always goes two ways, and one is not still better than the other. If you are going to choose a sex toy, decide with your partner beforehand. It is even better if you will shop with it together since you will be choosing one anyway. Also, you will be experiencing the tool regardless, whether you are the user or receiver. It is better if you know how to use it properly to avoid any damage or injury.


  • Take everything slowly.

Rushing is a fun way to experience sex, as the highs and lows of everything are amplified. It seems sexier to be ready to get down and dirty as soon as possible. However, introducing a sex toy is a different experience. There is just something about adding a new set of tools to make everything even better. If you are new to this kind of thing, it is best to use them slowly.


  • Preparation is important. 

On the day you will have the tools, there are other things you might want to do. For one, make sure that the bed is comfortable for both of you. Try not to use your device of choice anywhere else since you will be calmer in bed. Also, prepare your orifices accordingly, like your vagina or anus. Most sex toys would have some sort of penetration, and it only makes sense to make yourself ready for the intrusion.


There are so many groups that demonize the idea of having sex toys. There is nothing wrong with adding them to your lives, but they are not required either. Suppose you are happy with the vanilla sex life, then good for you. There are other ways to enjoy sex without having special tools like clamps and dildos. It is not for everyone, and you should do your research before adding it.


The multitude of options that you have is already a blessing in disguise. Most of them are beginner-friendly too and have sets of instructions in their packages. Make sure to get only genuine products, though, as you will be using these on your body.


Meanwhile, some people think that they know it all regarding these items. Always remember rule 4, as rushing into it can lead to serious trouble. Our bodies can only handle that much intrusion or discomfort, and pushing through your limits is a 50-50 experience. If you are not sure how to use anything, better learn it before using them.


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