How to have the right kind of sex

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The right sex life for both men and women’s health is very beneficial. But sex also has some health taboos, for the health of both sides, do not go to violate these sex taboos.

Operation method
First, to have a harmonious pre-sex together. When a woman is making love, it is easy to get along with the situation into her lingering. So, before sex, give her a time to spend together in harmony. Take a walk with her, talk to her, and give her a deep hug that any woman would love.

Second, have an adequate prelude. An adequate prelude must be a very adequate prelude. For example, give her a deep kiss and kiss each other all over. Try to hold your lover’s toe and suck it like a baby sucking milk, the effect is very good.

Third, cleanliness and hygiene are important. Sex is often affected by the situation at the time, can not be prepared in advance. At this time, both men and women should pay special attention to hygiene, for example, just ate will make the mouth smell bad food, it is not suitable for kissing, otherwise it may make each other unbearable. If you can, you may want to take a shower first, because the odor will affect sexual desire.

Fourth, the heart. Here it means to use the man’s heart to feel the woman’s reaction, with different speed, intensity, depth and position to match the woman.

Finally, the complete aftermath. After many men are done, they are like a mess lying on the woman and snoring, either a turn, back to the woman a big ass, and then huffing and puffing to sleep. This is wrong. After sex, there must be a complete aftermath. You can keep praising her, touching her, and tenderizing her in every way. Let her get more spiritual satisfaction in addition to her physical needs.

When making love, always remember the very important point is to take into account each other’s feelings at all times, and if a single party does not want to, do not escape or force. In the process of sex, some people like to “plant strawberries” or lightly pinch each other to show intimacy, and sometimes even grab, bite and other more violent actions, remember to pay attention to each other may not like, so understand each other’s preferences and feelings is very important, do not just for the sake of their own pleasure, and hurt the most intimate people Oh.

It is also important to note that people with sexually transmitted diseases should inform each other in advance and use condoms to avoid transmitting sexually transmitted diseases to your significant other.

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