How to Have Sex With a Male Sex Doll

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At, we don’t believe in taboo subjects. You have questions about sex dolls, and we are always willing to answer them. Yes, even the ones that are a bit graphic. One of those questions is, “How does sex with a male doll work?” Another is, “Can a woman have sex with a male doll?” Well, let’s get down to answering those questions.

Can Women Enjoy Sex With a Male Doll?

Yes, women can absolutely enjoy sex with a male doll. In fact, more of our customers are women than you might imagine.

First, let’s talk about the way that women relate to sex dolls. Women enjoy silicone and TPE dolls because they feel so realistic. Ladies tend to be tactile lovers, who seek the ‘whole experience’ when having sex. The process of kissing and caressing is important to them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that penetration isn’t important as well. For most women, the peak of sex with a male doll is having penetrative sex. This usually happens in one of two ways. The first is by straddling the doll, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl style. They can also lay down and pull the doll on top of them. Finally, women may also remove the doll’s member if they purchase a doll with that feature. In that case, they simply use it as they would a dildo.

Any other options? Absolutely! Your imagination is your only limit. Our customers find ways to make use of male sex doll hands, faces, and feet. Also, don’t ignore the erotic possibilities of exploring the male form. Male sex dolls enjoy being kissed, caressed, fondled, and penetrated.

What About Men?

It may be a little easier to imagine sex between men and male sex dolls. The two most common options here are anal, and oral sex. However, many men also enjoy being penetrated by their dolls. This can also be done by riding the doll or having the doll on top.

Is Sex With a Male Doll Worthwhile?

Absolutely! Our male dolls are meant to give pleasure to both women and men. We also carefully select dolls to provide companionship. Our male dolls have the right body parts for every sex act there is. Then, we ensure that they are realistic, well constructed, and stunningly attractive. That’s what leads to amazing sex experiences with male dolls.

Any Tricks For Making Sex With a Male Doll Spectacular?

If you’ve decided to buy a male sex doll, you are in for some exciting stuff. Did you also know there are extra steps you can take to make your sexual experience even better? Go for the whole experience by doing the following:

  • Pick the right lube, and use plenty of it! Be sure to choose one that is body safe and appropriate for silicone.
  • Choose a sexy outfit for your doll.
  • Light candles, throw on some porn, or otherwise set the mood.
  • Use a dildo warmer to make sex feel even more realistic. A hot towel can work in a pinch.

Of course, the two most important things to keep in mind are to go slowly, and use your imagination. Before you know it, you’ll be having an amazing time with your male sex doll.

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